Ashlee Bennett

Hi, I'm Ashlee, an award winning large format fine art film photographer and artist, currently living in Minneapolis, Minnesota. 

Growing up as an extreme introvert lead me to silently observe the world around me and I slowly became obsessed with the way people interacted with one another. Years later, this is what led me to pursue a BFA in photography. I wanted to slowly create work that involved the most intimate of human interactions. My work explores themes that revolve around femininity, feminism, gender identity and childhood. I create visual narratives of my own childhood experiences and thoughts using my daughters as representations of myself. The slow, methodical nature of the vintage large format 4x5 film camera I use to photograph with allows me to experience the subtle interactions between my subjects and their surroundings, while still maintaining the most stunning detail to the images. As a child I seldom felt like my voice mattered or that I had control of myself or my surroundings, I transfer this energy now into my work by acting as stylist, make-up artist, hair stylist, art director and photographer all simultaneously, creating every element in the photographs myself. It's a tedious, sometimes monotonous process that allows me to be interactive with all of the work I create. 

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